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Ed Bernacki of The Idea Factory writes on innovation and management themes. He has published over 250 articles on management, innovation, creativity and conference design. His style is jargon and cliché free. This website is a resource you can use to prompt your thinking about ideas, creativity and innovation. 

Latest publications: April 2012

The Nibbler a journal for the meetings industry in Australia ran an editorial on the need to stop talking about ROI and do something.

CanadaOne published a feature on innovation and why we must focus on followership

Ed Bernacki has also written several books.

I am an Idea Factory! The Leader’s Guide

Seven Rules for Designing More Innovative Conferences

You can print some posters to prompt your thinking. Here are three Idea Factory Posters.

This website lists many of his articles on these themes:
1. Innovation, creativity and leadership 
2. Do people think alike? Cognitive diversity 
3.    Public Sector Innovation 
4.    Conference and meeting design - the future is collaboration 

5. Design Thinking as part of the innovationalist's tool kit. 
He has authored several innovation guides for Government Departments in Singapore and Canada. He also created several unique idea journals for use in training and conferences. He now works with clients in various countries to provide editorial, customized journals and books.  He specializes in Internal Communication Programs to nurture a climate for creativity, innovation and ideas.  

Philosophy on writing for insight: People innovate, not organizations 
Creativity starts when an individual pursues a solution to a puzzling challenge. Innovation is led by people. It is more insightful to write about how people think, solve problems and make decisions for change rather than make generalizations that refer to how 3M or Apple innovate. 

The golden rule for innovation  
There is a golden rule for innovation:  Talking about innovation and expecting to be innovative is as effective as talking about physical fitness and expecting to be fit. It is what you do that makes you physical fit. It is what you do that makes you innovative. 

About Ed Bernacki of the Idea Factory 
Ed Bernacki started the Idea Factory to help people and organizations develop their capacity to innovate. You can download an Idea Factory company profile. To get in touch, you can email  info@wowgreatidea.com  or call + 61 40 1919 127 or 040 1919 127 within Australia. 

The articles on this website have copyright. They are provided for your personal use. The Idea Factory™
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